Bi-County Chorus
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Every year the Jeff-Lewis County Music Teacher Association organizes 3 different Bi-County festivals which feature Elementary Chorus (grade 5-6), High School Chorus (grades 9-12), and Jr High Chorus (Grades 7-9).  On even years, there is also a HS Select Vocal Ensemble Grades (10-12).

Concerts start at 2:00 on Saturday of festival weekend.  The cost is $3 per person and goes toward the cost of running the festival and music scholarships or students. 

2017/18 Dates

FALL FESTIVAL at Thousand Island High School:
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Elementary Chorus Rehearsals

Tuesday, November 3    10:00-3:00
Saturday, November 4   9:00
Concert: Saturday, November 4   2:00

WINTER FESTIVAL at Beaver River Central School:
High School Chorus Rehearsals
Friday, January 26    9:00-3:00
Saturday, January 27   9:00
Concert: Saturday, January 27   2:00

SPRING FESTIVAL at Belleville Henderson Central School
Jr. High School Chorus Rehearsals 

Friday, April 6   9:00-3:00
Saturday, April 7   9:00
Concert: Saturday, April 7   2:00


For links to rehearsal recordings if available, click on the chorus on the drop down on the left under Bi-County Chorus.  Please listen to these tracks with your music.