French 3

French 3 Overview:

French 3 is a continuation of the communicative approach to instruction begun in French 1 and French 2.  Students continue to sharpen their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The culture of French-speaking countries is also an inherent part of the class.  Students do computer-generated projects, work in groups, watch videoclips, listen to francophone music, put up mini-plays and play review games as they work toward the completion of the 3 credit High School sequence required for an advanced Regents diploma.

The topics covered in French 3 are as follows:

Topics to cover this year:

  • Traveling
  • Clothing and shopping
  • The environment
  • Earning a living
  • Leisure activities

    Grammar skills to practice or sharpen:

  • past tenses
  • future tense
  • reflexive verbs
  • pronouns
  • comparative/ superlative
  • time expressions

Students are encourage to interact in French as much as possible, in & out of class, as this is an advanced level course!


13 sujets à connaître pour l'examen final:

1.   information personnelle

2.  la maison

3.  la famille

4. la ville et la campagne

5.  l’environnement

6.  la nourriture/ les repas

7.  la santé

8.  l’éducation

9.   les professions

10. les passe-temps

11. les services publics et privés

12. les magasins/ le shopping

13. les voyages                                                                                                                                  

Castle Learning practice review:  To Create Assignments on Your Own :

  • From the Student Home Page under the Courses section located in the middle of your home page select a course from a drop down menu and click Go
    •  Short Answer Review – similar to the assignments teachers create for you
      • Click Sessions That You Create Yourself
      • Click Create a New Short Answer Session or Create a New Session from the Other Units
        • NOTE: Create a New Short Answer Session From a Sample Assignment are typically sample state exams or pre-planned unit/section assignments
      • Place a check in the Units/Sections you would like to practice
      • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Number of Questions
      • Click Start the Session
      • If some questions are not applicable to your current level, you can skip a question by clicking on the next question number
    • Vocabulary Review – you can look up vocabulary words
    • Skill Review – appears only with Elementary and Intermediate Math – Math Drills
    • Flash Cards – similar to vocabulary, except they are grouped by topic
      • Click on any Unit – it will display a vocabulary word
    • Constructed Response or DBQ Reviews – available only from a teacher assigned session