French 4/5

French 4/5 is the year following the regional Regents exam.  Many colleges and universities will exempt students from taking a foreign language if they have completed at least one year past French 3, so it is a great choice for Juniors and Seniors who have been successful up to that point.  French 4/5 also allows a certain degree of flexibility in the curriculum.  Typically it is structured as follows:

MONDAY:  grammar and vocabulary

TUESDAY:  reading/ literature

WEDNESDAY: francophone films

THURSDAY:  French day (total immersion)

FRIDAY: culture


Here are some activities that we may do:

* write weekly journals (online)

* study and prepare French food

* work with francophone humor ("joke of the week")

* deepen vocabulary and grammar skills to facilitate communication

* cultural projects

* listen to francophone music

* watch culturally relevant films

* play games to strengthen skills

* pair/ group activities


Students are expected to speak as much French as they can and are encouraged to make suggestions when it comes to the class and the curriculum.  It is their class and the more they get involved with it, the more they will take away from it!